I’ve been diving into business!

Yes i’ve been diving into business for the last few years of my life. I started in network marketing, which I know a lot of people have misconeptions and bad experience with it, and now I’ve just been opening my mind to every possible opportunity there is out there and my goodness there are a crap ton.

For me, by interest and passion for business started with a book. My friend one day in college came up to me and did what any novice network marketer would do and say, “Are you open to making some extra money?” A canned reachout to what a lot of trainers in network marketing would tell new associates to say and how to approach their family, but to be honest I’m grateful. If it wasn’t for him asking that, then I wouldn’t be on my journey now in entrepreneurship and business.

My world changed when I took a REAL look at what business could do for me, not just network marketing. After looking past all the hype and high energy notions of

“you could make a million dollars!”

That’s when I realized how much I loved business. For me, I loved seeing and figuring out how things work, which is why I have this unsatiable appetite to do so with so many things. I applied that high level interest towards business, finance and investing and now I find myself seeing more and more about how money works, where it can be made and all the various and vast majority of subjects surrounding it.

I had this sense of greatness and excitement when I first started. I made some sales here in there, really dug down into how I can be better, be more efficient, be more affective, grab more attention…then the reality of running a business hit me.


And that’s never a good thing for anyone even if you’re not in business. I had some small success in network marketing thanks to a mentor who actually showed me how to do it right and now badger the crap out of people, and we both decided to build a media company based on reaching out B2B for creating content for these companies. Low and behold, it didn’t work out.

We had an amazing deal lined up with one of the companies we had established a relationship with and then they pulled the deal right from under us, even saying that we owed them equipment that we used our own money to invest into. Now here we are, with just the idea in hand and without proper execution, lost money NOT IN HAND. I’m feeling the effects moreso than my partner since he’s already well established for such downfalls. But withthatsaid, I’m pulling out of it and getting out of it.

My whole point of this rant that I have just out in my head is this:

I’ll never give up no matter how hard, no matter how much money, no matter if I have to crawl on my hands and knees for some time to pull myself out…

My journey is quite young. Only in it’s early stages. I’ve had family ridicule me, friends leave, and all honesty I could careless. I cried a lot in the beginning (yes I’m a crier and not afraid to admit that). But I grew from it. I realized what friendships meant to me. I realized the perspective of my parents and began to observes others around me.

Now I do just that. Observe. Just listen what people have to say in their emotional spurts, watching what they do and don’t do, learn from people who have what I want, copy their behaviors, learn about business, everything.

I can still relive those moments of pain that I’ve had in the last few years revolving around business. But I know that without a shadow of a doubt, I’m here, being present and moving forward.