The Greatest Tactic I ever learned.

Care. Care. Care.

Care about the people around you. DON’T care about the people who shun you. Care about the relationships you want to keep. DON’T care about the people who treat you like you are below them.

I was reading a story on here by Chad Bockius and in his story he talks about his life lessons on networking. His most cherished relationships were with people who generally cared about his own life. An obvious point, but how much of that is really present today?

How many people, that you don’t know and basically have met them ‘off the street’, have you taken a keen look into to their lives? An interest into who they are and what makes them unique? I’m sure most of us the 99 people out of 100 that we’ve met in the last year have either fallen into our social media accounts and for the most part we only see on those mediums. But when was the last time you actually sat down with them and had a conversation outside of a like on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms?

With so many of us being connected at a quicker rate by the daily, I can’t help but see that so many of us are disconnected in ways that we don’t intend. Don’t get me wrong now, social media is amazing. I use it to keep it in touch that I’m close with, and even with a relative that doesn’t live near my, I get to chat with them like I would normally. And ultimately I’m saying that most people just simply don’t care enough.

“Why should I get to know you?”
“Why should I have to do that?”
“What’s in it for me?”

Although not directly said, I know a lot of people have that mindset whether they know it or not. They have a means to an end and if that end doesn’t benefit them, then most people stop caring. I’d like to flip that kind of mentality in my philosophy. To care more than the next person besides me.

No that doesn’t mean i’m going to start giving you money and doing your chores for you or anything like that..let’s be real here.

I am saying that I’m becoming more and more open to meeting new people in my life and wondering what their lives have to offer to the world. What have they gone through that I haven’t? Do they have the same interests as me?

Matthew 18:3 says this, “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Now i’m not going to go down on my hands and knees, start crawling around everyone and crying if I don’t get what I want. No one wants to see that, not even myself..But taking an approach on life such as this, the curiosity of a child, can really give perspective on what kinds of relationships people have to offer.

Maybe you’re an introvert like me and you find your energy in having alone time. But you’re not a recluse and i’ve find myself to become more of an ambivert, being social in situations that call for being extroverted but enjoying the introversion of alone time. You still have moments where you crave human interaction to a degree.

I just hope that if you desire change, you start with yourself. If you desire to have more friends, simply be more interested in people. Then and only then, that moment you realize you’ve found yourself in a rut, that the possibility of change can occur.


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