You are the sum average of the five most people you associate yourself with.

I never really understood that until I started looking at myself and the people around me and who I spent most of my time listening to and taking suggestions from and learning from overall. A few years ago I would be surround by friends who loved to play video games for hours. I literally had days where I slept over my friend’s house and play video games till the sun came up. I’d be working on my homework for school and then immediately after that I would just hang out with them and talk about games and a little bit about photography (keep in mind this was when I wasn’t that serious about photography) talk about my girlfriend at the time and just complained at how hard the third quarter of Physics was for me.

By the way I dropped out of college at this point..

I just looked back and think to myself, “My god! I’ve come from such a long way!” Then one day I found out about business and personal development. For me it was a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I would read lines like:

It’s not how much you make but how much you keep.


The rich know how to make money in any economy.

And it was only a month after, that my career into business and getting serious as a photographer started growing. I got around people that were higher than me on a socioeconomic scale. I got around people who knew how to get around. And even know when I meet business people, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and all of those people alike, I get excited!

To me, I felt like I didn’t have that around me as much. I was surrounded by friends and family who are deeply rooted in their medical careers and for me, I wanted something completely off tangent.

Gary Vaynerchuk focuses on self truths and building on that to be happy and make a living for yourself. So does Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins , Chase Jarvis, and all of these other people that I know who are what many call “though leaders” in a personal development world.

I find myself slowly becoming bits and pieces of them. Consuming their content on a daily and even sharing with others my own thoughts on here or in person. I love what I’m becoming because it’s something I’ve known that I wanted to get out inside of me for such a long time.

And slowly but surely I’m getting to where I want to be.

I forget who quoted this but:

It’s hard to beat someone that doesn’t give up.

And I feel like that’s me right now even when I get through hard times. Just keeping it as strong as I can.