The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

Your point is a good one. I really hate when you wrap all the division into one term like “liberal.” It isn’t the liberal in me that hates all of what Trump stands for. It is the morality in me. The liberal in me is what hears your complaint and sees that there are alternate means to accomplish things, there are valid views even if opposing, that eases the discourse with understanding that two people can look at the very same thing and see them differently. I think the term “liberal”is being grossly overused, especially by conservatives, and is castigated as “the devil”.

But it is the moral side of me that must call out racism and misogyny and bigotry. And it must call those things out otherwise I risk normalizing these things. Otherwise the person next to me will not understand where I stand and will think I agree with the rhetoric. It is the same part of me that screams “rape” when someone touches me inappropriately on the subway. It is the same part of me that tells a parent that I am mandated to report her slapping of her child. Those are actions and words TO STOP the evilness first,and then maybe we can decide if and how we want to talk to one another later. That isn’t liberal or conservative. That is wrong vs. right.

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