Will we ever see a new Friends?
Jussi Solja

You’re not alone in your opinion. Just saw that Jenji Kohen, the showrunner for Orange is the New Black said pretty much the same thing ( http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/backlash-brewing-binge-tv-as-798126 ).

While I do agree that, releasing a season at once does limit us from speculating plot points and cliff-hangers, I don’t see it limiting meaningful conversations about tv-shows. I’ve had plenty of interesting discussions about the motivations of Underwoods or how insensitive Piper has become.

In some sense these are deeper conversations than just “what will happen”. It takes some thinking to try to really process what you just saw and how you understand the characters.

And besides, there’s a lot of TV that is just drip fed still today. I had my last “Game of Thrones” -chat with a colleague just ten minutes ago. She hadn’t seen the latest episode from last night yet…

Interestingly, now if some of TV is moving out of the realm of show per week, we did see the podcast phenomenon “Serial” step in that zone very comfortably last year. That was all the rage at the watercooler, at least here. If you listened to it, you’ll understand why. If you didn’t, I highly recommend getting on board before season two ( http://serialpodcast.org/ ).