Dem Leaders Reiterate That They’ll Be Changing Absolutely Nothing
Caitlin Johnstone

can you imagine a better scenario for an opposition party?

All you have to do at this point is stand back and count the votes. You are opposing the most unpopular president in history, with a cabinet that is profoundly incompetent, and a house ran by the republicans that is tripping on their own shoelaces…

If you only stood there, trying to look intelligent while keeping quite… you would rake the votes for the next generation…

But you need something tough. Not much…as you can see just hinting at something vague by saying “you can’t make excuses” got Caitlin, and I’m sure a lot of people in a very excited state… ;) So you don’t need a lot.

All you need is a shred of integrity. That’s all. single digits even, 4–7% integrity.

But no, let’s double down. It was Putin, it was the nazis, our own stupid voters who didn’t understand our message…

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