Integrated Platforms: the Future of Events Management

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With the internet and a plethora of online resources only clicks away, organizing events has never been easier. Take one of the biggest online event ticketing platforms EventBrite — with just a few clicks, you can create an event, sell tickets, and keep track of the number of sales on their platform.

The process of creating an event is so simple, anybody could do it. And with a mass-mailing system, such as MailChimp, the news about this event can be spread to your whole email database within seconds.

Single-service platforms do a good job, but not the best

“Single-service platforms” such as EventBrite and MailChimp work well because they specialize in one task: creating events or sending emails. These two platforms even sync together to make life for an event organizer just that much easier.

Once the event is over however EventBrite’s post-event analytics are rather primitive. MailChimp is perhaps used to send an event survey, but at this stage both platforms have served their purpose and that leaves it up to the user to figure out how to improve their event organising.

So how can you improve?

Integrated platforms are the future

Unlike single-service platforms, there is no market leader for integrated platforms yet. An example of an existing integrated platform is Join It. This platform syncs with all other accounts into one interface, but several accounts still need to be managed in order to make use of Join It, making it less than ideal.

Let’s imagine a different kind of platform. One platform where you can:

  • manage your events from beginning to end;
  • automated ticketing and integrated payment methods;
  • engage with your members during the event through a live web-based app;
  • create live and post-event analytics;
  • access event tools to prepare and improve your next event;
  • reward members for their loyalty;
  • foster a community;
  • gain marketing intel on each member profile;
  • and a whole lot more besides!

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