Favorite Things 2016

A list of awesome things I’ve discovered, read, listened to, purchased and watched in 2016.

The Best Books I’ve Read

Favorite Blog Posts

Favorite Apps

Favorite Applications

Favorite Extensions

Favorite Services

Favorite Products

Favorite Videos

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong | Amy Morin | TEDxOcala

How To Open Your 7 Chakras — As Explained In a Children’s Show

Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn’t)

Why You Should Watch/ Read: Berserk

Why You Should Watch Hunter X Hunter

Favorite Albums

Favorite Songs

  • Light of the Seven — Ramin Djawadi
  • The Winds of Winter — Ramin Djawadi
  • One Dance — Drake
  • Overtime — Bryson Tiller
  • Rambo — Bryson Tiller
  • Novacane — Frank Ocean
  • Panda — Desiigner
  • Might Not — Belly, The Weeknd
  • Self Control — Frank Ocean
  • Nights — Frank Ocean
  • Die for You — The Weeknd
  • Reminder — The Weeknd
  • All I know — The Weeknd
  • Saint Pablo — Kanye West
  • Waves — Kayne West
  • FML — Kayne West
  • 8 (circle) — Bon Iver
  • 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄ — Bon Iver

Favorite Shows

Favorite Movies


Rogue One



La La Land
Jungle Book

Special Mention: (Watched for the first time this year, came out prior year)


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