Chrome extensions to boost your productivity

Great google chrome extensions can take your productivity online to the next level. I’ve spent some time curating extensions, and I’m in a stable state with my online workflow to share the best extensions I’ve come across.


The first plugin on the list is Extensity, which will be a convenient tool if you potentially download one of the many useful extensions recommended in this post. With Extensity, you can skip stumbling through your browser settings and quickly enable and disable your individual Chrome Extensions.


Evernote web clipper is a handy tool to save interesting articles, clips, quotes, comments and other note-worthy items I come across. It’s great for personal research, or putting together a collage, and has been an excellent tool to help me organize content for future blog posts.


I have been using the Pomodoro technique, which is working in 25-minute intervals with a 5-minute break in between each session, for over four years now. It has been an essential tool for whipping my productivity in shape. Through the course of those years, I’ve tried and tested many Pomodoro applications and extensions. Pomotodo has been the best, and most polished I’ve comes across. It combines the best of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method with Pomodoro to help you create a robust workflow management process for yourself.

Pomotodo syncs with the mobile app.

Pomotodo: Android | iOS

Here is me trying to go to one of my favorite sites, while I should be focusing during my Pomodoro.

Another awesome bonus is that it is supported on most major devices and even includes blocking specified distracting sites and also apps when you’re using it on mobile.


Spelling and Grammar sometimes aren’t my strongest points, and if I’m rushing and have to type something quick, I hope the recipient on the other end has Google Translate up and running and set to gibberish. That was the past, and now I have Grammarly. Grammarly spell checks and grammars check your writing when communicating online. Boosting your productivity and credibility everywhere, you write. It has been a miracle tool for my blog posts. — Smart Bookmarks has been one of my best extension finds of the year. It’s the next level of bookmarking tools that makes other mature bookmarking tools look like they’re still in the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) stage. is one of the best-designed extensions I’ve come across since Evernote Web Clipper and Pomotodo.

Raindrop makes bookmarks more visual and functional. It organizes additional information about your bookmarks such as whether it is a page, article, video or photo. You can tag, organize groups and collections of bookmarks, that can be shared as well accurately searched. It’s a good alternative to Google Star bookmarks, as well as Delicious or the recently closed kippt bookmarking service.

Example of how I would bookmark a design resource New Tab / Speed Dial

Raindrop also has an awesome New Tab/ Speed dial so you can quickly navigate through your bookmarks and favorites.

An example of my Tab Setup with some collections I’ve setup.


An excellent way to save articles to read later online or offline. Pocket is one of my most used extensions for the amount of time and attention it has saved me.


If you’re guilty of having 20+ tabs open at a time, OneTab is for you. Sometimes cluttered browser tabs become standard decorations to your online activity, and there comes a need to declutter. OneTab allows you to collapse all your tabs into one tab to review and reopen in bulk or delete later. OneTab gives you a fresh start to browsing without worrying that you’ll close something out that you need to revisit later on.

Pushbullet Pushbullet is a fantastic extension to share notifications and other information quickly across your desktop, phone, and other devices.

The Great Suspender

Chrome has been getting a lot of heat lately because, when you have around 20+ tabs open it’s memory usage spikes (OFCOURSE!), and in other news 1 + 1 = 2. Well if you have a habit of leaving a ton of tabs open, the Great Suspender automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources.


1Password is a password manager that goes beyond simple password storage by integrating directly with your web browser to automatically log you into websites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong passwords.

Note: This extension requires additional software to work. Info found on the extension page.

StayFocused Stay focused is my first line of defense from ensuring I don’t spend too much time on distracting sites. I can set up a bucket of time, and the extension will block the specified distracting sites when the quota I’ve set runs out.


In terms of utilities, I would rank the Internet being number one and at number #2, RescueTime. RescueTime is the most important service I use, so much so I think of it as a utility. RescueTime tracks the time you spend in the active tab or window of Chrome, or your ChromeOS device. It gives you a clear picture of what you were actually doing all day, to better manage your digital life.

An example of my personal RescueTime monthly report.

You can sign up for RescueTime here:

Tab Snooze

Snoozing emails with Google Inbox has been a great aid in managing my focus. Now with Tab Snooze, you can snooze tabs that are important or useful, but currently aren’t a priority and temporarily hide or snooze them for a specified time.

Video Speed Controller

Time is precious. This extension allows you to speed up videos at a faster playback rate so you can get through them quicker. Video Speed Controller very helpful while, I was going through online tutorials where the video was an hour long, and the speaker was moving at snail pace. With this plugin, I was able to speed up the video and saved 25 minutes of videos time getting through it in 45minutes.

uBlock Origin

uBlock is an ad blocker that is much more lightweight with memory consumption compared to some other alternatives, which may slow down your computer.

Back and forth emails to find the right time to meet can be time-consuming, in some cases even longer than the meetings length. Hopefully, things don’t get that bad for you. Regardless, is a great tool to help you automate your meeting scheduling. Just propose some initial time availability and will handle the rest.


FullConact supercharges your contacts and is a good replacement for Rapportive, which seems to have stop working.


Treev allows you to search your google drive, box, trello and Dropbox all from one place. Super useful tool!

Hope you found some useful extensions. Did I miss a cool extension? Let me know down below in the comments or any other suggestions you have.

Originally published at on June 15, 2015.