Don’t be sad, Allah is with us.

Ups and downs..

what was i busy with for recent years without medium?

This flatform, medium, was one of mute witnesses for my life. My last posting was in 2014, no longer after i was interested with this amazing flatform. So, what did i do with real life?

I was busy with such complicated lives, just as same as the people in the intire world, with our own matters. Sadness, happiness, effortness, survival, adversity, disappointment,achievement etc. My ups and downs life. Such all people have to face, no need to run away ’cause that’s impossible to do even we wish it would happen. As a follower of Allah, do what Allah asked to do is a must, without excuses. In the other side, we, as a human being, have our own hope to happen, for instance, being a student of the best college in country. But, no matter what, if Allah has no willing to make it happen, definitely it won’t. It reminds me about a proverb i used to hear.

“Man purpose, God dispose”

Yup! that’s absolutely the answer. What we wish to happen, never be “a dream comes true” without Allah’s willing, it’ll be still “a dream” without it. We can’t manage things turn out the way we wish it would, unless Allah will. Besides that, we (me,especially) always feel as a superman who can make every best things happen just the way we want, without overlooking to “up side”, WE HAVE GOD as THE FINAL JUDGER in everything, the ONE who has right whether grant it or not. But, what have to highlight here is,

“God has better and better plans than ours”

If make a feeling habit that we’re always watched by God, we never feel alone. We have the loved ones, and absolutely God. A belief that there will always God beside us, it calls serenity, peace, and power to face everything, even the hardest obstacles. That doesn’t matter, indeed!! We have Allah, the Almighty. When we’re in the lowest situation with a big thing that tied us so hard, say “Hey, big problem, I have God who’s bigger than you!” Don’t be sad, Allah is with us.

“Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you don’t.”

Just share. No SARA. CMIIW.