Throughout my video I’ve recorded a point of view shot of Central station, with the use of my smart phone, filming it all in one sequence. The aim of a POV shot is to capture and frame everything in the eyes of the individual. I have specifically chosen central station because of the huge amounts of space that it offers. Its architectural space invites everyone with different entry and exit points. Here, I journey the audience of my experience of Central station by exiting through the ticket machines and walking along the platform. Gaspar Noe’s idea in “Enter the Void (2009)”, I imitated him by incorporating my hand actions and the blinking of my eyes in my film.

Noe, Gaspar — Enter the Void”, Noe films the protagonist entering a room, using a Point of view camera shot, filing the characters use of space. Gaspar creatively adds real life actions by adding a personal feel to the film where the character blinks. Also he shows the protagonist washing his hands to give it a more realistic POV angle shot. In my film I incorporated these key moments to really emphasise the the technique of POV.

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