I’m trapped.

I’m witnessing the most acutely poignant tragedy I’ve ever witnessed and I can’t move my arms or legs or raise my voice loud enough for anyone to hear. It’s like a night terror — but it’s real.

This is really happening.

I look around and I see Life — so much Life — so much hard-won Life…earthworms baking on a pebble in the sun, while surrounded by verdant, vibrant soil and grass and Life that we might so easily connect into, reach roots and branches and grow forests of Life.

We are all born of the same womb. We gestated in the Earth’s waters. We grew and evolved with arduous labor and enormous luck over vast periods of time and space.

We’ve only *just* begun to crawl, blind and gasping from these waters — how high *might* we yet soar?

We all possess the same superpowers that we *might* leverage to pay forward. We all posses the potential to hunt and gather that we *might* come together in a Feast of Wonderstanding. #ComeTogetherToOvercome.

Why, in light of this potential and our ability to overcome throughout these vast periods of time and space, do we choose distraction and destruction in artificial division where we *might* choose to connect in curiosity and unite in understanding?

How can we stand by, hands in pockets, eyes dawdling on navels while we literally slaughter children in the streets? For what? To preserve the belief that we have all final answers now, in our infancy? For a deathbed padded with dollars?


We *might* achieve immortality through our children, our genes. We *might* evolve beyond what we’ve currently the meager capabilities to imagine.

We have every reason to be hugging and singing and dancing in the streets.

And we have a lot of work ahead of us. IF we want to survive.

Given all the Life arduously laid down before us that we *might* evolve toward curiosity and Wonderstanding, given all the pregnant potential that *might* become — is it really too much to ask that we cast away destructive artificial divisions and come together to connect in curiosity and unite in understanding toward stronger and more sustainable Tomorrows?

*We have everything to lose — and everything to gain.*

I can wiggle my fingers and make small movements and calls, but I need help — I NEED HELP— to dislodge this log. The more the better. Please.

Majority wins.

‪#‎HumanUp‬. #ThisIsSPARTA! #ComeTogetherToOvercome ❤


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