The past and future of laundry
Carl Tashian

when our house was under renovation several years ago, our family of four used a laundromat down the street for six months. we got very efficient about laundry because toting it to/fro the laundromat was a pain. we also got very efficient with our use of the machines. I’ve always hated how in-efficient laundry handling for middle/upper classes in the U.S. is; un-believable amounts of water and electricity wasted.

I recently got back from three weeks in the Himalayas where we effectively did zero laundry (save for a couple of hand-wash-in-a-bucket-and-line-dry moments). Doing (not) laundry in developing/third-world countries is always an eye opener to how we tend to over-do things here in the U.S.

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