Exactly!!! I’ve looked at the tools ecosystem behind JavaScript and it is stunningly, mind-numbingly confusing. I’ve never seen anything like it, not for Python nor C nor Java. (To be fair, Java is pretty bad, but I used it to write mobile apps and I was spared a lot of the shit.) JavaScript is supposed to be so accessible, so easy to learn, so easy to get started in, but once you begin to do anything serious with it, esp. for front-end web development, you face this horrific quagmire of tooling just to solve the basic problems of code management.
Richard Kenneth Eng

Well, there’s a tremendous amount of tooling involved in any complex development environment. Take for example Adobe Flex, the legacy flash based tool many corporations used to build SPAs. It was a massive bundle of open sourced technologies combined with proprietary tooling, all wrapped up in the Eclipse IDE.

The difference is that Adobe did it all for you and charged you a fee.

Compared to Flex our Node modules are relatively simple and comprehensible. But they also don’t provide nearly the same level of functionality especially when it comes to integrated debugging. You can pay JetBrains for a development environment that understands Node, React and web debugging. And I imagine that eventually somebody is going to build this all into a commercial product (Kendo is working in that direction I believe).

So it just seems odd that you are complaining on the one hand about how Javascript isn’t mature enough to make complex web apps, and on the other hand you are complaining that the opensource Javascript ecosystem is doing all the things that it needs to do to be able to build complex web apps.

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