I’ve done my best to boil down all the info we have been analyzing the last 3–4 months into a tool CEO’s can use as part of their efforts to update forecasts.

The infographic below provides a guideline on how we expect G8 governments to phase in normal economic activity. We expect a variance of +/-2 weeks for the G8. G8 will likely prioritize the restart of services with the highest impact on GDP and the lowest public risk. The lowest impact on GDP and the highest public risk will resume operations last.

If your business category is not specifically listed, determine which quadrant it and those of your customers and suppliers will fit in. If you would like to resume operations sooner, work with government officials on a plan to comply with social distancing requirements. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being proactive on the critical components of your supply chain. Some countries will resume operations later than others and sourcing new suppliers may be critical. …

I was unfortunate enough to lose my job in the 2008/2009 great financial crisis. I always wanted to start my own company. This ended up being the best, worse, thing that ever happened to me. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone. It led to building 4+ companies in 10 years. It significantly accelerated my personal growth trajectory. It shifted my mentality to being fearless from fearful.

Humanity is resilient. The most disruptive change and innovation come when we are pushed outside of our comfort zones.

Since it has been a while since our last recession, I decided to get on the phone and speak to some great technology leaders that successfully navigated 2001 + 2008. …

The number one most important task of the C suite is to be able to operate within the 99.9th …


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