An Open Invitation to Canadian Technology Outlier

Welcome Outlier,

This is a message for the outliers. The 0.01%. The remaining high aptitude individuals in our Canadian tech ecosystem that for one reason or another have decided not to move to San Francisco to join the tech gold rush.

Dare to Be Bold — Dare to Raise the Bar

You are content with your current job, yet feel unfulfilled due to an intense internal motivation that drives you to continuously raise the bar for yourself and those around you. You know deep down, that your internal motivation merely survives today on life support, but would thrive working with fellow bar raisers. How much more fulfilling would it be to work with a team of bar raisers, who day in and day out make the impossible possible?

At Soul Labs, we have architected a business that we believe will allow us to scale rapidly globally. Unlike many Canadian organizations, we do not focus on monetization. We are instead focused on accelerated, massively scalable, global distribution of the 6 products we are building in parallel. This is not a simple task. However, with your help, we believe our co-founding team, a group of serial entrepreneurs, who have started 8 companies, had 3 exits, raised over 115M in capital, and created 500M+ in SH value over the last 10 years, will be fully equipped for the task.

Society measures our success as entrepreneurs by the return we create for shareholders. We abide by and respect this view. However, we measure our success through the quantity of complex problems we solve, the number of impossible challenges we make possible, and by the amount of positive impact we create for our team and society as a whole.

We have many open positions to fill in our ever growing Montreal,QC. One key role we are hiring for is our Head of Engineering. This is likely the most critical role we will hire for in the next 18 months.

We believe you can’t build a great company without great people. We are happy to generously share the value we have created to date, and that is to come, with all those interested in joining us for a once in a lifetime journey.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Jason van Gaal
613–797–3311 (be bold)

We will lead by example, with the intent of inspiring others and ourselves to believe that successful businesses can be created with a conscience. That they can be created with Soul.