5:14:58 — a new PR. Not bad for an early season race after some loosely-structured training because of recent trips.

Welcome to Oceanside


A small group of friends who were also competing drove down to Oceanside in Judith’s van with our bikes. We left on Thursday after work and stopped in Buttonwillow at the appropriately named “Vagabond Inn” to spend the night. We arrived in Oceanside on early Friday afternoon and were right on time for package pickup. We rented an Airbnb that was a half mile from athlete check-in and a 10-minute walk from T1 (WIN). Tyler and I went for a quick swim — I hadn’t put my wetsuit on in a while so this turned out to be a great…

11:51:34, 33rd in my age group. I finished. Long day. Here is what happened.


I flew out on Thursday morning. I did not find out until after I booked my flight that there was no athlete check-in the day before. This added a little bit of stress to my trip, but it turned out to be fine. Something to consider next time I do a full distance event.

First race of the season. Santa Rosa 70.3 is the race replacing the classic Vineman 70.3. Overall it was a good race. Finish time was 05:30:47.

By Felker Films

So what went well..

Logistics. My GGTC friends are amazing and they let me stay at their Airbnb last minute. Special Thanks to Brett for driving, Wendi and Steph for letting me stay at their Airbnb.


  • Breakfast. Started my morning with a coffee, banana, raisins, 2x toasts of Nutella and coconut oil.
  • Pre-race. Right before the swim I had a water bottle with nuun.
  • Bike. Two water bottles with nuun for the ride. I decided to only…

Yesterday I ran TNF 50 mile. After several months of training with GGTC’s running program led by coach Mario Fraioli, it was finally time to run!

After a long season, adding this late-season race to the list was going to be tiring. But ever since I finished reading Christopher McDougall and Scott Jurek’s books I have been inspired to go beyond the 26.2 miles.

During training I had the opportunity to explore the beautiful Marin headlands, run into coyotes, or run some of the Yosemite trails! It was great!

About the race

After living in Chicago for almost four years and getting rejected from the Marathon lottery, I had to come back to run it.

Overall it was a great event. Actually the best marathon I’ve participated in so far. From logistics to course, and the amazing crowd cheering during the whole race (all you guys were awesome). I was lucky to see some friends during the race! Now let’s analyze what went well and what went wrong.

Ohh wait did I mention I have a new PR? 3:55:21. Finally sub 4h!

What went well:

  • Nutrition. Almond butter and jelly toasts are…

It’s been more than a week since I finished IM70.3 Santa Cruz it was a great race. Fast course and a new 70.3 PR (05:57:29).

From a logistics perspective everything went as expected. After several 70.3s I was sure I had most of things I needed to have a successful race. We drove down to Santa Cruz on Saturday morning. No traffic or delays (win!). Easy athlete and bike check-in.

Later that day, we had a great and helpful Matt Dixon talk, however someone recommended to use two swimming caps (mistake). …

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in Radius’ first hackathon. It took place in our SF office and lasted 48h, from Wednesday noon till Friday noon. At first I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it.. I had a lot of work to do that week, had a bike ride planned, and I had no team to work on something exciting.

A couple days before the sign up deadline, one of my friends at the company suggested an idea and a possible team. I signed up. …

Taking some time at the airport to quickly review my 2015. It’s been a fun year, I finished my first Marathon and Ironman 70.3, visited my family and friends in Spain after almost 4 years, I got to work on a big project @Liferay, and I decided to start a new adventure in San Francisco.

Swim Finish, Ironman 70.3 Kona.

Reading list:

Breakthrough I
Eat and Run
Frontlines I, II, III
Puget Sound Whales for Sale
TDD By Example
The Lives of Tao I, II, III
The Phoenix Project
Triathlete’s Training bible
Triathlon for Beginners
We Should All Be Feminists

The travel thing:

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (home)
Guadalajara/Puerto Vallarta México
Kona, Hawaii
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Francisco

This is not a list of New Year’s resolutions. I don’t believe in those. I’m setting goals all the time. I actually have a huge list of things I wanna do or accomplish, whenever I have time or need a change I pick a new one, write down an action plan, and find a way to measure success for this goal (I’m a huge fan of the don’t break the chain methodology). However I’m not here to write about setting goals or how to stick with them. There’re plenty of good articles and books out there. …

Jelle Vanhorenbeke

#CanaryIslands is home. Sometimes I swim, bike and run! #human #doer #engineer #traveler #geek #triathlete #runner #cyclist

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