3 ways to add your logo to an Eagle PCB

One great way to customize a printed circuit board is to add a cool logo to it. Here are 3 different ways of doing it when using the Eagle PCB design software.

Here’s the original image I’ll start with (public domain by the Open Clip Art Library).

First you’ll need to import the logo. It’s easiest if your logo is a vector graphic in the SVG format since you can download the svg2poly script available on GitHub and just follow the instructions.

When importing my image I had to scale it down to make it fit well.

run svg2poly -ratio 0.05

Here’s the logo in Eagle.

SVG imported to a bunch of polygons

Once you have your logo in Eagle, here’s what you can do with it.

Print on silkscreen

The simplest option is to simply print the image with silkscreen.

Group the polygons and hit Change -> Layer to move the image to the tPlace or bPlace layer.

Silkscreen logo

Show bare copper

Have a shiny logo by removing the solder stop!

Group the polygons and hit Change -> Layer to move the image to the tStop or bStop layer.

Copper logo

Etch the logo but keep soldermask

If you are concerned that a bare copper logo might corrode, this one is for you: etch the copper away from the logo but keep the soldermask on.

Group the polygons and hit Change -> Layer to move the image to the tRestrict or bRestrict layer.

Inverted etched logo

At this point the logo looks inverted. Change the pour style of the polygon to hatch to make it remove copper.

Etched logo with big borders

To remove the large borders around the logo, insert another polygon in your signal layer (Top or Bottom) with a width of 0 and an isolate of 0.

Extra polygon
With polygons filled

Final result

Here’s a preview of the board from the OSHPark PCB printing service. We can see the silkscreen logo at the top, the exposed copper logo in the middle and the etched copper with soldermask at the bottom.

OSHPark board preview
Preview of the copper layer

Now, go make a pretty board ☺