Struggling in Appalachia, He Books the High End Lifestyle for Rich Techies
Lauren Smiley

Putting into words just how difficult this has been on us is one thing, however the unfortunate reality for many of us is somewhat different. This whole endeavor has been nothing short of stressful. I cannot speak for everyone with this, however for me even with 4 clients independently with Vann VA, my financial situation continues to struggle to make ends meet. I went through training with Chris, and it truly pains me to see how this ordeal has effected each and every one of us. Chris is extremely talented with the skillset of a VA, so I’m honestly rather shocked to see this information. The unfortunate truth here is the ZAs who wasn’t there for 6 months or more didn’t have time to cultivate a relationship with their clients. In which, caused clients to not continue working with them independently. To make matters worse, the market of VAs have influxed due to 400+ people creating their own independent VAs company, thus making the opportunity to get clientele much more difficult. I continue to remain hopeful with this, in spite of all that’s happened.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. — Ziad K.
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