Limited company formation needs and how you can comply with company secretary service

Starting off an office in Hong Kong is always a lucrative idea but it is also must for you to follow company’s ordinance (cap. 32) of the laws of Hong Kong where you need to appoint a company secretary who should either be resident of Hong Kong or there should be corporate body that has HK registered office. Although there are few duties that the company secretary has to carry out but first and foremost the secretary has to make sure that the client company works in complete compliance with the statutory requirements of the Hong Kong company’s ordinance. The secretary needs to maintain the statutory books and records. However there are few rules like the director and shareholders are required to follow such as, a shareholder or a director cannot perform the role of a company secretary. There is a strict restriction over the director and the shareholder that none of them can perform the role of a company secretary. If a secretary is hard to find a nominee secretary can be appointed for the time being.

While browsing through the site of JV consultants limited and looking at the company secretary service, you will get quality information. While discussing some, you will find them doing everything that relates to annual return. Right after completing the limited company formation process, you need to concentrate upon preparing the annual return and JV consultants limited is expert in preparing everything and file the same within the due date. So that you don’t have to pay the late submission fees, the corporate house will keep on reminding you and the final reminder will be sent to you, a month before the due date. Whether it is about increasing and transferring the shares, the secretary plays vital role. Transferring of shares takes only 3 days maximum, all you have to submit the latest audited financial statements or management accounts and jv consultants limited will be offering all the help you require to complete the process. When it comes to changing the company particular such as the registered office address, change of particulars of shareholders or directors, change of company name, appointment or retirement of directors everything and more will be carried out by the JV consultants limited. Deregistration and restoration of companies everything is included within the vocation of company secretary.

Apart from that JV consultant limited also renders considerable help to companies to complete the company registry search. You will get to know about date of incorporation, company status, directors of the company and particulars of the company secretary and registered address of the company. Now if you are wondering how much authentic will be the search report, then you can be rest assured that the search result will never be deviating from truth. Even if you are looking for company set up Hong Kong you will be getting all required assistance and support, you never have to be worried about anything as from registration to licensing, from taxation to labor legislation everything and more you will be having under the expert supervision of JV consultants limited.