Why It Is Mandatory To Hook With A Consulting Agency While Setting Up Hk Business

The moment you have decided to start a business in Hong Kong make sure you have completed the registration process with the Business Registration Office, within one month of the date of Company set up Hong Kong you need to complete the registration procedure. The moment you have registered everything, it is mandatory for you to show the Business Registration Certificate wherever asked for. If you are suggested by someone to go with a limited company, be rest assured that without knowing the full feature of limited company you cannot operate one successfully. Now what are limited companies, well they are nothing but business entities which operate with limited liabilities. Here the liabilities of members and shareholders are limited as according to their shareholding and depending upon their investments their maximum possible loses are determined.

However the shareholders and companies won’t be held responsible for any kind of debts. It does not matter what investors prefer, they may go with partnership or proprietorship in order to run the business, however the liabilities of the investors are limitless. So the creditors can very well, launch legal proceedings straightway against the investors. The moment the investors fail to clear away the debts, the investors are forced to experience personal insolvency, they may be entitled as bankrupt. To set up Hong Kong limited company and running the same may turn out to be more costly and expensive. When you set up company in Hong Kong, one of the most difficult things is choosing the name of the business. Choosing name is as significant as deciding any legal entity. While choosing the name, make sure your chosen name is not taken by anyone else and that you can make sure by looking through the Hong Kong Companies Registry. The moment you have chosen the name you need to have it approved.

When you are a foreign investor you will be having two choices primarily, either they may go for registering a new company or go on buying one already registered one. Now what is an already registered one, is free from the burden of registration and hardly possess any liability or assets which is addressed as shelf companies. These companies are available for the investors for purchasing, investors who are not having time, intention and energy for a new set up Hong Kong company can very well buy such companies which are already registered. Right after purchasing the company, the investors are needed to have directors and chose one secretary, here JV Consultants Limited plays a decisive role. This consulting agency will be playing the role of a secretary. Right after buying the shelf companies one may have their address changed along with the name and add to the share capital.

No matter how much support you will be getting, when you are running your own business, be rest assured that you need to have lot of time together with capital. Make sure you are having thorough business plans also local support also you need advice and suggestion of a consulting agency and in that sense JV Consultants Limited will be providing you much support.