Using a notebook.

Some people say that digital devices have written the end of all the things we use to write before. Yes, it’s always more easy to use an Ipad than a pencil and it can be also more useful. But we’re still losing one big part of the pot: the closeness. We have to wait some time –or something: the power electricity- to make an Ipad or a Kindle work. What can we do, then? Going back to the everlasting classics. A notebook is one of them and here we tell you how to use it.

At any time, at any place

The major advantage of using a notebook is that we can use it at any time we want. Is not that complicated: we just need of a pencil, the notebook and a thing that we would like to have in there.

Poems, tales, a part of a novel: it all can go in there and we just need only of our attention. Is very simple: we need only to set our time and our head for what we’re about to write.

Then we took the pencil and we can start that amazing trip that is writing. It can’t be that complicated because only with the participation of our ideas, we will have some amazing travelling adventure between those lines.

Modern devices

Modern devices can be of a very big help for us. They hold so many things on them! We can not only write what we think, even in a similar platform that we use on notebooks, but taking pictures, seeing videos, having fun in the internet.

But the same thing that makes their benefits is what make them so uncomfortable when we’re trying to write a nice thing. And how is that? It’s simple. Writing is not like having a party rental miami, because when we write we shouldn’t be that much distracted.

The writer’s notebook

From the beginning of modern writers, all writers have a notebook that can work out for them as if it were anything else. And this is, exactly, what separates notebooks from other objects: they hold a tradition on his back.

Besides, all notebooks can serve us in that moment of our biggest despair, when we need a friend to talk and form a conversation. He will be the only voice that we will hear when the night become more dark and full of strange things.

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