Critical Reflection Prompt 2: Intro to When We Fight We Win, “Jesmyn” (in Mission High pdf), Sabrina Needs Her Identity Back (pdf)

We think differently about what is possible when we learn of activists’ victories large and small and when we hear their successful and inspiring visions that offer alternatives. . .” (WWFWW, xv).

What?: Jesmyn’s and Lorena’s stories tell of victories (both small and large) in the face of many challenges. Describe some of the challenges and victories of these two young women. (Using quotes and direct references to both readings)

So What? On Tuesday we talked about the ways in which a Living Democracy provides a way for people to express and act on a desire for meaning that comes from contributing to the greater good, to the well-being of others, to making a better world with others. Following on this concept of the human desire for meaning:

a) What does Lorena mean by “My Job as a Human Being”? What is the role and importance of of college for Lorena in relationship to her vision and actions for social justice?

b) Why is it so significant for Jesmyn to write and present her research paper on Trayvon Martin’s case: “Trayvon is dead. Trayvon doesn’t have a voice anymore. . . I am going to speak for him now” (237)?

(Using quotes and direct references to both readings)

Now What? In what ways is your own story similar or different from the stories of these two young women, one a high school student and the other a college student like you? How do their stories and perspectives impact or inform the ways that you perceive and interact with students you will be working with this semester? Use a few quotes that struck you from these stories.