Critical Reflection Prompt: Art Education for Democratic Life, Inspiring the Imaginer, & Muses in the School xi-21. Due 10/1

Arts, Education, and Access to Our Humanity

This week we will being a deeper exploration of the 2nd guiding question in this colloquium:


In Olivia Gude’s “Art Education for Democratic Life” she makes a compelling argument for the relationship that is the centerpiece of our guiding question above.

In “Inspiring the Imaginer,” Peter Hockings describes a program that manifests many of the concepts in Gude’s piece.

In Muses in the Schools you will read Rosie Perez’s story and Michelle Fine’s response. The idea of writing a letter is an interesting form of written dialogue.

“If you become an empathetic human being, you become a better member of society”. — Rosie Perez (15)
“What I love about your essay is the cowering behind shameful anger to activism derived from righteous anger, the journey from silence and rage to voice and entitlement, from isolation to community.” — Michelle Fine’s letter to Rosie Perez (19)

Use this critical reflection to write a letter with the What, So What’s and Now What’s? of what you have learned from these 3 readings in regard to the guiding questions. You can write a letter to someone you know or one or more of the authors, if you are so moved. As always, use quotes substantively for the texts to support your interpretation.