“Imagination is always a subversive thing, because imagination is about discontent with the status quo” (Moisés Kaufman, Muses in the School, 143).

“The trick to acting transcendentally is to think. What questions are the voices of authority not asking?” (Zinn, ,7).

Critical Reflection Prompt: Muses in the School 137–185 and “Artists in Times of War” Due 10.22

Consider the inter-related themes that are highlighted and illustrated in this final reading in Muses in the Schools. A range of writers, artists, and activists write about: Imagination, Subversion and Discontent; Art as Civic Discourse; the Social Imagination and Social Justice; Inclusion and “Safe” Places, Transformative Education etc. (You can identify another theme of your choice.) Zinn’s piece dovetails with and articulates many of these themes very well.

  • Use at least one quote from each of the The Muses in the School writers (from this week’s reading) woven into your exploration of a theme (you can use the 3 “What” format if you like).
  • Find and include a linkage between to Zinn’s, “Artists in Times of War” and the above. Use at least two Zinn quotes that really go to the core of the theme that you pick to explore and further evidence the ideas from Muses.
  • Connect a theme/specific insight in these readings with your visual statement. For example: How does one or more of these artists and/or educational activist speak to the issue highlighted in your statement? How did your experience of creating a visual image deepen your own understanding of this issue?
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