UK to EU: “Bye Felicia.”

Thursday the UK voted on a referendum to leave the European Union and go it alone in ‘da hood. Although the small island nation never fully entered the EU, sources say UK’s membership gave the allied organization street cred.

Interviewing young blokes outside 10 Browning Street, many a local Londoner confessed that “Friday” is a popular film amongst many Briton youth and this Brexit was bound to come, dog.

“We always knew one Friday we’d say “Bye Felicia,” to those weak ass hoodrats, France, Germany, and Brussels,” says the young gangsta bloke.

“’sides what kinda name is Brussels anyway? Sounds like something your mum eats on holiday.” He said.

We have heard many rumors that Rancho Cucamonga had become a dream like place for many millennial across the pond. They long for the opportunity to chill with Debo and his crew. Londoners have often searched for a middle class American town with Seven Elevens and women named Lyquonda and Heather and Maria de Jesus.

“That foo’ Cameron don’t know what its like for us real Friday hoodies just looking to get high and now he gots time to kick it,” said one young bloke wearing a ‘Friday After Next’ t-shirt.

Reports are coming in across the EU that other nations are looking to their own Next Friday referendums.

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