How Tracking Got Me Back On Track

“Your goals are your road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.” — Les Brown

In this post, I’m inviting you to start tracking your goals, why this exercise has been important in my life and how you can develop a habit of this.

I learned this daily ritual from Darren Hardy’s classic, The Compound Effect. I grew to believe that tracking is very important when trying to reach any of my goals I had and just organize my life in general. The idea revolves around analyzing what we do on a regular basis so that we can understand why we do what we do. Finances, fitness exercises, dieting, work tasks and really anything that is associated with your goals are trackable. For me personally, this helps me make conscious decisions on a regular basis.

The idea behind it is that if you have a goal or task you’d like to accomplish, write down the details of your process, in almost a list format, for a period of time. That way you’re you’re able to see the progression or digression your making when trying to accomplish something.

An example that I use on a regular basis is tracking my finances. Each day, I use a Google Sheet to track my income, when I bought something, what type of category the purchase falls under, what I actually purchased, where it’s from and of course, the cost of each item. Every dime that is spent is calculated and separated by month so that I’m able to analyze my spending patterns. Not only does this help develop a budget but it also helps me be mindful of purchasing useless crap.

Above, you can see how I track my finances. I just look at my bank statement, insert the items into a Google Sheet, separate them by various categories and analyze different ways to save on a monthly basis. This is crucial for reaching my budgeting goals and has inspired me to understand that wealth is earned over time and through saving.

You don’t need to start filling out every single detail to the goal you’re keeping track of but I will say that the process will evolve the more you do it. You’ll be able to see more detail and want create new ways to track/innovate your life! Start by choosing 1 goal that you’ve been trying to get control of and track your progress for 21-days straight. See if a habit is created and if so, let it grow so you can visualize the progress you’ve made. If you do this consistently, you’ll be surprised by how effective this exercise can be.

What are some tasks or goals that you can keep track of on an everyday basis? If you do track already, what are some benefits you see from this exercise?

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