“Shame derives its power from being unspeakable.” — Brene Brown

We’re ashamed.

I remember the feeling when I realised for myself. It was one of the most terrible feelings that I’d ever felt. I felt disgusting. Pathetic.
Shame that I’d become one of ‘those’ people (or so said the voice in me), that I’m weak and being dramatic.

But it’s not shameful. It’s just another symptom.


How would you feel if your body was skinned, sliced into pieces and paraded around the world for all to see?

Personally, if I looked like this, I frankly wouldn’t mind…

Image: Gunther Von Hagens on Curiator

Gunther von Hagans is the father of the technique known as ‘Plastination’. It’s a way of perfectly preserving the tissue of the body, replacing the fluids of the tissues with plastic and freezing it in time… in whichever way he can envision.

credit: Ulia Koltyrina/Adobe Stock

Mahogany Red

The first colour I ever dye my hair.
I’m in year 8.
I buy the battered box of Fudge Hair Dye on a shopping trip and beg my father to let me use it.
I’m 14.
I’m so incredibly, uncontrollably happy.

Platinum Blonde

I try to look like Shirley Manson.
I left the bleach in too long and it fried my hair.
I don’t care; I look punk.
I’m 14.

Blonde + Dark Brown underneath

The hairdresser doesn’t have blue.
I saw this style on the cover of Cosmopolitan.
I feel fat.
I’m 15.

Dark Red

My best friend and I dye our hair at the same time. I…

There have been tales whispered around salt lamps of the horrors…

… The tales of the Lost Ones, doomed to forever wander the halls of a heavenly-smelling abyss of incense, candles, and oils; their fevered mutterings of ‘need cash out’ and ‘psychic at 2:15… seminar at 2pm…’ echoing within the walls of Casula Powerhouse Arts Center.

This year will mark the sixth annual Oz Paranormal and Spiritual Expo…







I visited my first expo in 2015, then volunteered in 2016 and 2017 (and 2018!), and in that time I’ve had the chance to experience the expo as a guest and as staff.

This year the expo…

Image: Wollondilly Advertiser

You may have heard of the Blue Mountains Panther, but have you heard of the Macarthur Big Cat?

Since the 2000’s the people of Appin, Bargo, Campbelltown, Tahmoor, Narellan, Airds and Pheasant’s Nest, NSW, have been reporting sightings of a large black cat in the bushland.

The most recent sighting of the creature reported was in April 2018 at Emu Plains in Outer Western Sydney.

One of the most unsettling urban legends in Sydney concerns ‘The Place Where Happiness Is’…

Luna Park, Milson’s Point.

On the 9th of June, Jenny and James Godson were taking their two boys on a family vacation to Sydney. Having already visited Taronga Zoo, they caught the ferry to Circular Quay in order to get to Luna Park at Milson’s Point.

It was whilst they were there that they encountered a busker — dressed in animal skins and a great horned headdress — and the infamous photo of Damien Godson was snapped. …

Are children that recall past lives using Psychic Mediumship, Genetic Memory or Imagination?

Like the many things that the Paranormal Field explores, the idea of past lives and reincarnation has its roots in some of the oldest parts of human culture since pre-agricultural society.

It’s believed that of the very earliest forms of religion, most were involved the relationship of the human, the natural and the animal soul. Animism was a large part of human spiritualism throughout the ages, and still continues to this day in a lot of beliefs worldwide.

So at the core of Animism is the idea that we human beings — as animals — share a similar life-force with…


Paranormal Investigator | Mental Health Advocate | YouTuber | Feminist | Socialist | I believe in Justice and other Fairytales…

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