One thing I’m truly thankful this year.

As we hit thanksgiving this week I can help but to be thankful that you ever pay attention.

You, yes you reading this now.
Thank you.
I’m thankful that I was blessed with two amazing parents who raised a child that people actually want to pay attention to.
When I say “pay attention”, I mean an enormous range of things. That could mean coming down for a Churro, and açai Bowl ,bought one if my skatedesk from Raglan Photo Gallery, or just comment or like on my instagram post …. I just thankful that you ever gave me the time of day.
Whether you’ve done it for the last four years or you did it once for four minutes, I just want you to all know that I’m thankful for the thing that matters the most: your attention.
It’s a precious asset. As you know, I think attention is everything. It’s the thing we all hold most close. Thank you also to the Herbal Dispensary family to open they doors for me and let me be part of their family.
Did I say I’m thankful enough? I really mean it.
So thank you.
Happy sunday, friends.