Kimchi Socks For Cryptocurrency

I am a huge supporter of the cryptocurrency community. I am not an amazing coder like my friends at Proof, but I am an online entrepreneur who can build a product based business that accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin on my website.

Our Retail Website

On our site, we allow our customers to buy our socks with USD, BTC, LTC, and DOGE. We use Cryptowoo to process the cryptocurrency payments and Shapeshift to allow our customers to exchange their crypto if they don’t have one of the three we accept on our website. We don’t convert any of the crypto made from our retail sells, so we hold them for Kimchi Socks’ long-term crypto holdings in our hardware wallet from Trezo.

We Send Bitpay Invoices

We offer wholesale orders to retailers looking to carry our socks like Bitcoin and Dogecoin on their website. We use Bitpay to send invoices that can be paid in Bitcoin by customers who want to use Bitcoin. You can check out our socks being retailed at All Things Decentral and CoinWallet.

Proof Suite

Finally, we even can make custom socks for companies or non-profits in small batches. We did a custom sock order for our friends at Proof who are currently running their presale for their ICO right now. Just like I mentioned above, we accept cryptocurrency for these services as well. We accept BTC and ETH for these services. Now we do have to convert some of this to USD so we can pay our factory but we do hold a portion of the crypto in reserves for our company’s savings.

If you are a Blockchain company looking to have some custom socks made and you have an ICO coming up. We are willing to work out a deal to accept part or all of your payment in your tokens, BTC, ETH, or USD. Just contact us at for more info.