The Proof Socks’ Story

Proof Team Member Wearing Proof Socks

I run a online sock company, Kimchi Socks, in my free time from the Military. We design and sell socks that are connected to community groups. We choose to focus designs around communities instead of fashion trends because fashion trends don’t last long and you run the risk of high of dead inventory. Strong communities have a shared culture that fuels them to last years instead of seasons like fashion trends. Kimchi Socks’ philosophy makes managing inventory easier, we don’t have to invest so much into creating new product designs as often as our competitors, and we can focus on building relationships more because our company’s focus isn’t mainly invested into selling products fast. Instead our company’s focus is on building friendships with future customers.


Proof Socks Design Mockup

Talking about communities and building relationships. I want to talk about the Blockchain company Proof that I have also been working with in my free time from the Military, Kimchi Socks, my wife, and kid this past year. Proof isn’t like most of the other Blockchain companies. The three founders Mike, Tai, and David been working on Proof since last year out of a bar in Itaewon during the daytime while the bar was closed to save on overhead. They bounced around from free coworking spaces, cafes, and squatting at paid coworking spaces until they were caught. These Blockchain Developer Warriors still coded, created solutions, hustled for meetings in S. Korea, Japan, Dubai, China, Singapore, and video calls with interested parties in Europe. All of this on their own dime by the way.


These men poured their blood sweat and tears into this company while watching new ICOs being launched by people with zero Blockchain development experience raise millions of dollars overnight with just a whitepaper, splash page, and marketing. But they didn’t let that discourage them. Instead they coded more, released their solutions in Beta form to the small community they slowly built on Slack , Facebook, and Twitter. They kept coding and taking meetings…More coding and taking meetings. Sometimes the meetings wouldn’t produce anything of value for the team. Proof would sometimes give presentations of their platform to a room of non-believers. However, there would always be one or two in the crowd who like what they were doing and wanted to know more.

Since I been given the opportunity to follow their journey, I have seen them grow much closer and stronger together over the year. They have created six products using their own money before they even launched their presale ICO. Something that isn’t really seen from other Blockchain companies raising money with a ICO. With the recent addition of Lu being in charge of Biz Dev for the team. Proof is on the path to being the Proof in the Blockchain pudding and I encourage you to do your own research on them.

After all of what I just said. I hope you can see why I created a sock for Proof. Thank you for reading my first post on Medium, checkout Proof via the links in my post, and you can buy you some Proof Socks here.