About eating

I’m not trying be judgemental but, when you eat with another person there are lots of things you can deduce just by noticing the way they eat.

Yes, maybe is just me, and maybe I am actually judgemental but when I see a person eating is like opening a file in my computer, a file with lots of information that I’m not sure would like to read, but I do.

I mean, you can tell if the person is educated by looking at the way he or she picks up the forks, even, is easy to realised if the person is hygienic by paying attention to the way he or she serves dressings or sauces.

And even, you can see if the person is polite by noticing the way he or she chews.

I know, call me Mr. Prejudice, but if I where you and the person I’m eating with on a date chews with the mouth kind of open and looks at the food more than he or she looks at you, I would really consider a second date…

I mean, if a person did not learn how to eat properly -a thing that we are taught since we are kids and even before whe learn how to speak- for sure, I bet it won’t be the cleanest person around

… Is careless, you know?

…Just saying.