I wrote a book! It’s super dumb, but thanks to Amazon, it’s in print form. I can hold it in my hand, and see it up on my bookshelf. (How cool is that?!)

With it out in the world, the big question now has been how I made it happen. How did I dedicate time? How did I get it designed when I don’t know how to design anything? How does it work publishing with Amazon?

Well, I’m not going to get into how to write your book. That’s on you. But, my book does offer the exact writing process…

Design by Kellie Pcolar

One day, as I pretended to take notes in a meeting, I watched my hand moving across my notebook and noticed something odd. With slight, unconscious movement of my pen, magic was happening. Symbols, shapes, ideas were coming to life, bleeding forth from my pen, and they evoked further meaning, emotion, wonder in my mind. I wiggled my pen on the page and images were born in my brain. Incredible! This was no small thing. This was something unbelievable that I’d simply never paid any attention to.

I realized I wasn’t merely spelling words. I was…

“He who writes in blood…does not want to be read, he wants to be learned by heart.” — Nietzsche

Talented creatives have something beyond skill that cannot truly be explained, harnessed, or diagnosed. It’s a deep, emotional hunger to make, dissect, understand, share, destroy. It’s our ability to transcend education and experience to somehow craft new things and new worlds. It’s our ability to do something with Blood.

To do anything with Blood — with passion — is to be skillful, deliberate, and precise with your actions, and to not simply follow all the right steps and rules, but to…

James Dowd

Writer/Creative Director at Digital Surgeons. Find me on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/jvincentdowd

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