Configure 1x; Connect each time.

Remote Development with Pycharm

Set up a Remote Host

Open Configuration… in Tools from the menu bar.
Create a new SFTP connection.
Set configurations (i.e., see 1–3 above).
Set Mappings to the root directory of the project on the host. Notice the Remote Browser (left ) highlights mapped files in green (i.e., files of the same name, relative to the root of Mapping, are assumed to map).
View Remote Host via the bottom-most tool panel, where saved changes are confirmed to transfer to host.
Set Automatic Upload (always) ‘on’.
Screenshot of Automatic Upload (always) toggled ‘on’,
Browse Remote Host and right-click a file to sync (whether to-or-from host). Notice the checkmark displayed in the screenshot above is no longer shown.

In Summary

PhD student of Yun Fu and SMILE Lab Northeastern U. Focus: applied ML w emphasis on vision, big data, automatic face understanding.

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