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5 Things I Learned on my 3 Day Juice Cleanse

It is 2016 and with that comes resolutions. Like most I have never been great at them. This year though my wife and I dove head first into one; a Juice Cleanse.

I have wanted to do one for years, but never had the time, juicer, money, excuse, excuse excuse…This year was different. We acquired a used juicer through a local Facebook group and selected a 3 day cleanse online that looked good and off we went to the supermarket. I finished the cleanse last night and after prepping and drinking 18 juices I learned a few things about it.

Prepping Is A Major Chore

The prep time for juicing is pretty long. It is not as easy as I thought going in as you need to wash, cut, and make sure you have the correct quantity. If you are a busy Dad like myself, make sure to factor in this as you start your cleanse.

Not All Juices Taste The Same

We drank 6 juices a day for three days. Of those six juices, I enjoyed two. Three of them were intolerable and one I was ok with. Before you pick your juice plan I highly suggest trying each of them out. The cleanse would have been much easier if I was not forcing myself to drink my dinner.

Where Is My Energy?

Leading into the cleanse I read many tales of people have so much energy during during their cleanse! Me, I had zero. I was hoping to run a few times during the cleanse but it was all I could to carry my kids up the stairs to bed.

Bathroom Trips Are Frequent

And not for the reasons everyone thinks. You are going to pee all the time. Why? Because you are drinking 16–20 ounces every 2 hours. I did not expect this going in. Based off what everyone told me I expected to be going to the bathroom for different reasons .

I Can Survive

Going in I was weary if I could survive off juice alone. The answer is yes. I had only a couple of hunger pains and never did I feel like I was starving. This was the biggest surprise to me.

Overall it was a very positive experience and one that I will do again, but with a different type of juice.