My thoughts on the Election 2016

Hillary Clinton is now officially the Democratic nominee for President. How do I feel? I have mixed feelings right now; on one hand I don’t want Donald Trump to become president, but on the other hand Hillary Clinton represents the. dissatisfaction with American politics that many feel. From the start, the DNC intended for her to be the nominee and that intent angered many young voters including me.

Young people aren’t the most civically engaged demographic, but. they are the most idealistic group of people. Bernie Sanders was able to tap into that and bring many them into the political process. Unfortunately, the whole primary was mishandled and the Democrats now have a lot of young people in an angered frenzy. Many of those young people have disengaged with the political process and others see a new door opening.

Bernie has always said this isn’t about him, but about all of us together. Bernie did his part, now it’s on us to continue putting in the work. Many are pissed off at the DNC and Hillary for being a lousy candidate, so that means it’s on us to create a better, progressive, alternative. Let’s take our dissatisfaction and channel it locally to create new local political organizations that represent us and not the ruling elite! Organizing locally is a must, we have no excuse now!

With Hillary Clinton, we now have 4 general election candidates: Donald trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. At this point, I don’t know if I’m gonna vote for Jill Stein, write in Bernie, or leave the presidential election part blank. I just can’t get myself to vote for Hillary after all the shit she has done and what she represents. Also, Jill Stein doesn’t really excite me because I get the feel that she’s just an opportunist riding on Bernie’s momentum. So my vote for president at this point is up in the air.

Hillary's plan to have her friend Donald run as a crazy fascist and scare people into voting for her seems to be working. She was able to influence the primary results so easily, she should have no problem winning in November if people refuse to vote for her.

After November is when the real work starts. On the grassroots level, we must be the driving force to shift political consciousness so that in the next 4 years we will come back and be a force to be reckoned with! That starts with creating new local political organizations, running candidates and holding them accountable once they get into office and shifting elected officials to favor our policies.

No matter who becomes president, we must get up and take a stand against this oligarchy! We will no longer stay silent as the ruling elite has a stranglehold our government! We must reclaim our democracy so that one day we can put real meaning behind we the people!