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Blogging in Kenya has grown drastically, thanks to Kenyan laws that has given more priority to freedom of expression and accessibility to affordable communication devices, not to forget, cheaper data charges . Free WiFi installed in major towns has also added to the list of techno savvy young generation who spend most of their time in the internet which is noble because most have found spaces to do online jobs such as blogging and social media stuff, one of such towns is Nakuru where Liquid Telecom company collaborated with the county government to install free wifi hotspots in the cbd, although covering a small vicinity, many people have benefited.In future i recommend they install hotspots in public recreational parks too, we will forever be grateful.

Liquid Telecom Wifi Station in Nakuru

Kenya, a country in East Africa, boasting a bee of bloggers, to mention a few ; lifestyle bloggers, political bloggers, economic bloggers,food bloggers, bloggers bloggers…the list is endless, a clear indication of contents published and shared across the webs is astronomical.Most of what is shared is important, or could be economical…

Blogger Emmah Wachira of

Life as a blogger is full of mixed emotions ,where many people don’t understand me or even what i do ,possibly because blogging is somehow new in Kenya.I picture myself as a blogger possibly because the internet is my second sweetheart .A blogger by default ,i never at one time sat and thought about working as a blogger until i found myself there, everyday developing new content me that was kinda fun thing to do.Sharing my opinion on things that matter and sometime highlighting real issues affecting the society and which i deemed needed some change and what better way to do rather than posting them on my social media accounts , and beside several other blogs .

I love twitter, its through the 140 word character that i have actually done campaigns that have been very successful, campaigns that have not only changed and touched peoples lives but also influenced a bigger change in the society .I will be proud to make some good connection with Medium…lol am just starting out ..and am loving it though, here i can share more content unlike on twitter.I still do not know quite a few things though…but i will with time

Over time the internet has changed how things are done .It has significantly influenced how we communicate.Blogs and bloggers are now the new source of unaltered information,bloggers being independent writers, their content is both current and can be trusted, ideally, how credible their information can be to their subscribers .Forget about the mainstream media and its agenda setting roles.Today what forms the topics to be discussed are online media users, people who work as bloggers and ordinary guys posting and sharing on Facebook, twitter ,medium and other online channels.

Growth in free speech has had its own share of challenges.A law under section 29 of Kenya Information and Communications CAP. 411A .Bloggers exercising their freedom of expression found themselves in the wrong side of the law.Any blogger who highlighted issues that criticized the government or those in the authority was quickly arrested for misuse of a communication device. On 19 April this year, Justice Mumbi Ngugi declared that the provisions of Section 29 of Kenya’s Information and Communication Act (KICA) incompatible with the Kenya Constitution,declaring them ‘null and void’, in agreement with ARTICLE 19’s intervention.

'' What makes social media interesting and exciting is that it is not bound by regulations, it's free in the truest sense of the word. It respects no authority , and is constantly expanding its frontiers,ever challenging the scope of societal boundaries and conformist ideals. This particular arrangements appeals to me in totality, and it is in compliance with my anarchistic tenets. This notion of wanting to develop guidelines or TOR's is as dangerous as it is misguided. Opening this Pandora box is exposing ourselves to possible government control and interference. If we cede this independence, we will regret it!......

This code of conduct thingi is a euphemism for government control.The best way to promote the growth of social media is to encourage self regulation'' Said Vincent Tanui human rights defender in Nakuru

Indeed that law was repressive and had no basis in this day and age.Those who designed it were only interested in gagging free expression.Am proud to say we are free again to share our thoughts and opinions while of course respecting other peoples freedoms.

Kwaheri…or if you like it..Adieu.

Blogger Emmah Wachira of

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