All men standing, together.

Last man standing seems to be about a family and their lives. There is an overwhelming amount of men in this program, with women who have very few lines. Main character Mike is shown in all different types of positive scenes, along with his boss and soon to be son in law. Last man standing allows viewers to see a show that defends men and shows them and their relationships in good lighting as well as changing their previous perceptions of males and their relationships into positive ones.

Initially, in the first scene we see Mike giving his boss, Ed, a present for their anniversary of working together. Already we are shown that Mike is a very caring character and truly cares about his relationships. Later on we also find out that the watch he had given his boss, was engraved. Instead of just leaving it at the fact that he bought his boss a very expensive watch, they also include the fact that this gift was engraved! This not only shows men in a positive lighting, but also enforces the norms of the importance of male best friend relationships.

Not much further into the show until we are introduced to Mike’s daughter’s boyfriend, Kyle. Mike was very hesitant at first, but later realized how amazing Kyle was and soon built a nice bond. It is typical for a father figure to hate their daughter’s boyfriend, but in this episode we are shown the complete opposite. In this episode we are shown what a great relationship the two can have, and how important this is when building a family. This showed how men are welcoming and very nice to each other. This leaves audience members with the realization that fathers and son-in-laws can get along.

Furthermore, mike’s boss, Ed, is shown in his office, trying to get his workers to get a good speech for this surprise dinner he had planned for Mike. In this scene we not only saw how both people were working at the friendship, but we also heard Ed say “I love you buddy” near the end of his speech. This scene was an amazing scene because it showed viewers that male relationships can be just as strong as any other relationship, but it also enforced the norm of it being okay for men to get emotional over other males, and they do not have to be gay in order to do it.

Ultimately, the tv show last man standing ended up going against the norms and enforcing the fact that males are capable of having rest relationships with one another. This show depicts a handful of men all having amazing relationships with one another and all of them being able to show how much the other means to them.

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