Famous image from cult classic To the Moon. (I’m crying already)

It seems to me an odd reality that when people play a video game, they usually don’t care what it’s about. Sure, they care whether it’s fun, engaging, or programmed well. Maybe it has pristine graphics and flowing combat — or even a time-sensitive conversation tree system! But too often that other, equally crucial part of a game gets left by the wayside: the story.

Like novels and films, many games serve a narrative function: they seek to tell an effective story by drawing the player into their world, which should then influence their thoughts and actions accordingly. This literary…

DISCLAIMER: This essay involves MAJOR SPOILERS for Final Fantasy VII, and goes beyond the scope of the first part of the Remake. You probably know which spoiler I’m talking about; if not, do yourself a favor and go play the game.

Away despair! my gracious Lord doth heare.
Though windes and waves assault my keel,
He doth preserve it: he doth steer,
Ev’n when the boat seems most to reel.
Storms are the triumph of his art:
Well may he close his eyes, but not his heart.

George Herbert, The Bag (1633)

It’s been a hard year. The coronavirus…

Jeremy Wang

I read books and play games. Sometimes I do both!

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