Boston Startup, Avana Eyewear Reinvents Buying Glasses with a Virtual Try On Platform

Cambridge, MA: Avana Eyewear today announced the launch of their Avana Eyewear app, a new application coming soon to the Apple Store. Avana Eyewear uses face scanning technology, augmented reality, and 3D printing to create perfectly fitting eyewear.

Avana Eyewear Brussels Frame

One in four adults struggle to find eyewear that fits and as a result more than half end up leaving eyewear stores empty handed. With 50% of the world needing corrective vision, the Avana team rolled up their sleeves and created a new custom solution. Using proprietary fitting algorithms, 3D printing, and augmented reality software they 100% guarantee a shake-proof fit to their costumers.

The Avana Eyewear App

Using the Avana Eyewear app, virtually try on any style and adjust the size, shape, color and type of lenses to your preference. From there, they will deliver your complete pair of perfectly fitted custom glasses to your door. Perfect fit guaranteed.

“Count how many times people around you push up their glasses due to a poor fit? If this number is greater than 1, you know the problem. Everyone’s face is unique including yours so why not buy glasses made specifically for you. Thats why we created Avana Eyewear” says Dan Theirl CEO at Avana Eyewear.

  • Perfect fit guaranteed! Don’t believe us ? Give it a try! No more pushing your glasses back into your face, or them falling off when you look down. #ShakeTest
  • Find your style Virtually try on the glasses, adjust the height or width, shape, color and type of lenses to your preference.
  • Save time choosing glasses! Avana Eyewear has already curated a trendy selection for you to create the perfect pair of glasses IN MINUTES.
  • Outstanding strength and sweat resistance at a competitive price.

The Avana Eyewear app will be available starting 01/10/2020. Frame styles start at $145.00. For more information (20% off for a limited time) on Avana Eyewear please visit