Learn more about our successful completion of our last “secret contracts” milestone, SafeTrace progress, and the upcoming launch of the first secret contracts testnet!

Hello to the community! What follows is a recap of important updates from the past month, including our progress towards enabling secret contracts. This post expands upon our regular community updates on the forum and includes ways for developers, validators, and others to get more involved with the project!

In June, the Enigma team achieved a significant milestone on the path to upgrading Secret Network. That means compiling and running a full node with wasmi inside SGX with encryption abilities. All basic functionality for executing CosmWasm contracts in a secure enclave is now implemented and continues to be tested! …

Learn about the latest progress towards privacy-preserving Secret Apps and the next exciting milestone: the launch of a public “secret contracts” incentivized testnet in July.

[You can also read this announcement on the Secret Blog.]

Hello to the Secret Network community! What follows is a recap of important updates from the past month, including our progress towards “secret contracts” and new documentation of encryption specs. This post expands upon our regular updates on the Secret Forum and includes ways for developers, validators, and other community members to get more involved with the project!

In May, the Enigma team made significant progress toward achieving milestone 3 of 3 on the path to enabling secret contracts on Secret Network, which means compiling and running a full node…

How the Enigma Blockchain Fits in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Our team and community believe privacy is necessary for mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Our vision of the future involves many different blockchains with specific purposes, all of which benefit from being able to use private data safely and securely. Users of decentralized applications will be able to maintain ownership and control of their identity and data. This is one of the reasons Enigma is thrilled to be building part of the internet of blockchains with Cosmos.

In this post, we explain how our Secret Zone fits into the Cosmos ecosystem and its many “zones.” First, we give an overview…

Sharing what we learned from this hackathon experience!

Hello Enigma Community!

We’re happy to finally be able to discuss Enigma’s new technical direction, following the launch of the Enigma blockchain. This live mainnet introduces many new possibilities for all members of the community, including protocol governance and better support for a multi-chain ecosystem.

Personally, I’m floating on a cloud of excitement following the mainnet launch and our experience at ETHDenver. My intention was to create useful connections by collaborating as much as possible. During the weekend, I seized every opportunity to learn from so many awesome hackers. …

Learn about the new Decentralized Autonomous Organization supporting the Enigma protocol.

Hello everyone!

In collaboration with DAOstack, the Enigma core team and community are excited to launch the first version of Secret DAO using the Alchemy platform. Looking ahead, we believe members of the global technology ecosystem should have increasing levels of control in governance of the Enigma protocol. Our hope is that Secret DAO allows the Enigma community to get further involved with projects and applications built with the Enigma protocol, as well as research that benefits the Enigma ecosystem and beyond.

At the end of this post we’ll describe how (and why) to join Secret DAO and the Enigma…

Answering questions and sharing updates for developers, node operators, Ethereum wallet providers, ETHDenver hackers, and members of the Collective!

Enigma just live-streamed our 2nd open community call, featuring members of the core team and some participants from the Enigma Collective, representing our global community. We discussed important updates and took questions from participants.

We’re welcoming contributions from passionate privacy advocates and community leaders.

Hello to the Enigma community!

Our team is excited to introduce a new process for collaboratively researching and writing content for the Enigma blog. We’re always searching for more ways for our community to participate more directly in our project as we work towards the Genesis Game and our mainnet launch. This new initiative will give members of our community and ecosystem the opportunity to share interesting research, perspectives, and experiences on Enigma’s blog, as well as through our other official channels.

This won’t be the first time that we’ve featured community-led content. We previously organized a community writing contest

Everyone’s viewpoint is uniquely different.

My intention for this blog post is to explain how anyone might use the CRE8 platform. By participating in our experiment, you can help everyone better understand each other’s knowledge and goals. Transparent collaboration determines what is valuable.

After learning about CRE8, many people get lost in complex philosophical discussions. We’re building a better future today, always thinking about how to utilize our experimental product in our everyday lives. One particular exercise that seems to resonate well is thinking about New York City as a microcosm of the world.

Decentralized Identity Systems with Contextualized Reputation

Portrait of a Hilbert Curve by Aldo Cortesi

Info → Value

As you know, every bit of information has identity and meaning. There will always be many definitions of value, yet I believe we can develop shared perspectives on truth. That means your imagination is valuable! What will you share to improve our knowledge of the world?

For this post, my goal is to clarify the value proposition of CRE8 by discussing how contextualized reputation would optimize distribution of voting power.

What is CRE8?

CRE8 is a free and open source protocol built using multidimensional token structure. Our unique reputation system facilitates coordination via transparent collaboration. Everyone is welcome to join and participate! …

Support What Is Valuable

“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” — Daniel Boorstin

Cosmic Cantina ~ Chapel Hill, NC

What Is Governance in the Context of a Blockchain?

Governance is the process of making decisions about shared resources, e.g. nodes and software. As we all know, checks and balances are necessary to have fair and equal representation. Voting only a few times a year is not enough. Public discourse may or may not lead to consensus in a timely manner. Dialogue is of the utmost importance.

In this post, I’m going to present Vlad Zamfir’s definition of governance, and I’ll discuss why it’s a useful approach to think in terms of…

James Waugh

multidimensional human #cre8

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