Have You Ever Wondered Whence The Notion Of God And Religion Come?
James M. Ridgway, Jr.


I would say that I agree with you on many (if not most) of your post. The only piece that I question is the following.

“Embedded with this survival mechanism is the notion of god and religion. This is because the survival impulse is so powerful that it insists that an individual survive even beyond one’s mortal physical being. For this to be possible, it would of course have to depend on the good graces of some super external power, and so was born the notion of God and religion — mankind’s last refuge for everlasting hope.”

I say this because there are a number of non-theistic religions without the “God” concept. Buddhism has no deity. I suppose that one could argue that Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion, but that is not entirely accurate. Also, Jainism believes that the universe and the matter and souls within it are eternal and uncreated, but there is no concept of an omnipotent, creator God.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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