Food Projects from Professor Cooper’s Section

Ajibola Amzat and Jake Crouse

discuss the African community of lower Harlem and the setbacks to African restaurants in getting ingredients from Africa

Amel Ghani, Decca Muldowney and Nic Dias

explain the food inequity in a growing Long Island City

Alena Maschke and Irem Karakaya

explore the nature of health issues in NYC in relation to food deserts and food swamps

Elise Hansen and Danish Lookmanjee

chronicle a day at Bodega Pizza in Washington Heights, and what the owner hopes to accomplish

Camila Kerwin and Laurent Bastien

raise questions about the use of community gardens versus using the lands towards affordable housing

Inti Pacheco and Katherine Sullivan

explain the health and food access problems facing senior citizens in Washington Heights and a community service that lends a hand

Jill Bosserman and Katarina Zimmer

frame the closing of City Fresh Market in terms of the concern of a food desert in East Harlem
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