“ DWYL is a privileged orientation focused on individual success, which ignores programs in…
Nick Apex

This is pure left wing nonsense. It contradicts it’s own assumptions. The countries listed are relatively advanced and have their own successful economies and local middle class. They just happen to be less expensive than Europe and USA. Less developed countries also have less developed infrastructure (less reliable internet, roads, health care….) and higher crime and do not attract many digital nomads in the first place. This article is simply another excuse to spread guilt and doubt. He makes many assumptions about people working abroad that aren’t backed up with facts, only presumption and conjecture, declaring that because one is Caucasian, one is guilty. He is also forgetting that people in places like India have been competing directly with westerners for jobs and succeeding. Same for Eastern Europeans since the fall of communism.
The author fails to realize that most digital nomads don’t post their lifestyle on IG or Twitter or YouTube or Facebook and have a cynical attitude to those that do. They obey local laws, support local businesses and in general portray a positive view of the country to the rest of the world. If the wages they are paying are in line with local customs what is the problem? The people they are hiring can some day compete with them for the same clients, but will never get that chance if they don’t get experience in the first place. As long as they are paying what is considered fair pay by local standards, then there really isn’t a problem.

So please to tell those people that had no job in the first place to tell the Westerners to go home and see what happens. They are not childish, stupid or gullible even though left wing propagandists would have you believe otherwise.

The author wants you to be locked into a local place and have the govt force you into conforming to group think without regard to consequences. Your individual rights don’t mean a damn thing.

He also ignores the expat communities that live around the world who are living off of retirement income that puts them at poverty level at home, no matter where home is. But these expats should stay home and live in poverty just for the cause of Socialism.

While they do raise the local cost of living, they also support local business’ that wouldn’t exist or make as much money, without them. Locals also have their own systems in place separate from the expats to keep their cost of living in line. But once again the left want’s to promote a false narrative in a never ending bid to reduce individual freedoms and portray anything western as pure evil. Don’t fall for it. 
The locals are far more sophisticated and intelligent than the author gives them credit for and can handle themselves. They don’t need an Arrogant Left Wing bwana to represent them.