JOUR 220 Homework, Week #2

What is good writing?

Every person uses some form of written communication daily — but what makes good writing? Good writing, at its core, is the ability of the author to effectively convey his ideas to the reader. There are several tools that a writer uses to accomplish this goal, including grammar, vocabulary, and style.

Grammar is the most basic element of good writing. Without proper grammar, the ideas of a writer are a tangled, confusing mess. Using proper grammar also boosts the writer’s credibility.

Most of the time, readers will disregard a piece of writing that contains grammar mistakes, regardless of the content. But grammar can also play a key role in portraying the writer’s tone. Punctuation, used properly and creatively, has the ability to express the tone of the author, sometimes in a manner that can even mimic the tone of a person’s voice.

A writer equipped with proper grammar is able to express his thoughts in effective and creative ways.

Another element of good writing is vocabulary. The English language is vast, with thousands of words at a writer’s disposal. With a broad knowledge of the English language, a writer can precisely convey his thoughts.

A good writer does not settle in his choice of words, but rather finds the word that can perfectly expresses his ideas. When a writer digs deeply into the language instead of using basic words, the reader experiences the author’s ideas on a deeper level.

Finally, style plays a significant role in good writing. Style involves word choice, sentence structure, and the overall tone of the author. A well-developed writing style is unique to the author.

For example, some writers have a simple, direct style, while others have a more flowing, colorful style. Style can also refer to the type of writing, such as formal and informal. A good writer is able to adapt to these forms, while still retaining elements of his unique style.

The essence of good writing is the ability of the author to effectively convey his ideas to the reader. The writer uses tools such as grammar, vocabulary, and style to create a clear, unique piece that is worth the reader’s time.

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