I know, I know I’m super late on this topic and I shouldn’t be doing it, but I have a love for movies that can’t be held back. Movies are my life and my hobby that I spent thousands of dollars on, but that is beside the point. Let’s start talking about the awards and who should have won and who shouldn’t have won. I enjoyed the Oscars this year even with the mess up I thought all of my major picks were correct, but a few.

Let’s start with best supporting actor who ended up being Mahershala Ali for his performance in “Moonlight.” I really liked him winning. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was definitely close. In my opinion I thought Jeff Bridges had an all around better performance, but I enjoyed Ali’s performance as well. Honestly the only thing that made me think Jeff was the winner was because he actually played a bigger part in his movie and I have a bias for Bridges.

Moving forward to best supporting actress my pick won in Viola Davis in her performance in Fences. I really loved this movie and her acting was so good that I couldn’t give it to anyone else and the Oscars showed that. It was great casting for her in that role and she really shined in that movie and nobody even came close. I’m looking forward to seeing her next movie to see if she can continue to back up performances like that.

The best actor race wasn’t even a question for me. I knew it was going to be Casey Affleck as soon as I seen his performance in “Manchester by the Sea.” I had never seen someone show that they were so broken in a role like he did. His character had gone numb and couldn’t feel sadness and the only way he would release his emotion was through drunken bar fights. Usually a best actor shows a lot of emotion in his role, but not this one Casey found a way to show that his character was broken and numb and just gave an all around stellar performance. well deserved award for him.

La La Land didn’t impress me when I seen it, but I knew that it was going to win/ be nominated for a lot of awards. After being rather disappointed with the movie all around I thought Emma Stone gave a great performance and that is why I chose her to win best actress. I thought the acting from the best actress pool was down this year. I feel we usually get great emotional/crazy/loving characters to pick from and I thought this years was pretty weak. That being said I still believe that Emma deserved her award and I hope she finds more success.

Now for the big one. Best picture was something that I had to think about for a long time and it ended up being a super hard decision for me. For me it was between two great movies “Moonlight” and “Manchester by the Sea.” Both of these movies were neck and neck until the day of the Oscars for me. Moonlight ended up being my pick for best picture and the only reason I could find I liked it more is because of the original idea. A lot of movies nowadays are the same thing over and over, but Moonlight had something different that I loved. Manchester probably had better acting all around, but I had to go with Moonlight for this one. I was pretty upset when they gave the award to La La Land (At first). I thought La La Land was a average film at best and I didn’t think it deserved to be on the list to be completely honest. The mess up made me happy and sad at the same time. I loved that my pick won, but the sorrow I felt for the La La Land crew was evident. I’m just glad that La La Land took it in stride and was able to be good sports for them. Hopefully we can get another great year in the movie industry and the Oscars are even better next year.