Impromptu Shoot at Gina’s

It’s awesome having photographer friends with access to interesting spaces. In my last post about the grain elevator, I was only able to get as close as I did to the demolition because my friend Johnny Trammel knew the demo crew. Another photographer friend, Gina Zhidov (, has an interesting studio here in Chickasha. The upstairs is this really old apartment that’s been used as storage for decades and is an amazing setting for photographs.

Last month, Gina threw together a little get together for local photographers and models to come over and just take pictures in her studio. Here are some of the shots I took:

Here are a few still life and macro shots. I love all of the walls with the cracked/pealing paint.
Karson Bree was one of the models to pop in for the shoot.
Karson Bree got to model with my nerf guns recently customized by Danja MacNeil (
Shauna Medina stopped by to model as well
Amber Heilman rocked it at modeling.
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