Integromat Tips #1 (Links from Google Drive & Sheets)

John Thomson
Dec 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Just some general quick tips. This one is basically just about getting links from Google things.

Download Link for Google Drive Files

This can be useful if you want to include the direct link to a file on Google drive for whatever reason. All you need is to make sure the file is shared publicly. The easiest way to do that is to upload it to a folder that is already public.

I’ve seen cases where this is used, to send an email with a link to download a PDF file, as well as for cases where another module can take a file URL instead of the file data itself, such as Airtable.

How? Just use this URL, and replace <id> with the ID of the file.<ID>&export=download


I’ve not had a chance to check properly if the below is still needed — the new app might do this on its own. :D

Google Sheets: Get actual URL

I’ll try to avoid a rant here, but using Google Sheets and their API can be… fun sometimes. In a lot of cases the data Integromat gets back is essentially exactly what you see on screen when you look at your Google Sheets spreadsheet. That’s not always what you actually want though.

This is especially obvious in cases where a link has been pasted into Google Sheets. Often the link text (what you see) isn’t the URL.

Click Here (like here, where the link text is “Click Here”) to read an article on how to make a cell that actually displays the full URL of a link.

Google Sheets: Find Rows With Empty Column

This one doesn’t have an obvious answer in the official documentation on Google Sheets’ side (not that I could see, anyway), and obvious things like columnname = “” didn’t seem to work for my use case.

What I did get to work, though, was this:

columnname < 1

That might be problematic in number based use cases, but it worked fine for filtering by rows with a particular column not being filled in. There probably is a way of testing for emptiness, but I couldn’t see it.

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