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I have to take some responsibility for my response, I’m sorry.

Todd, you’re correct. I misunderstood the situation in Great Britain and misspoke. Yes, I now understand that PM May supports the ‘will of the people’ with their choice for Brexit and she is appealing the Court’s decision to reverse the vote.

As for the false equivalency… there has been much error in comparisons in the media (false equivalency) with the election cycle. The media and pundents have thrown around comparisons such as Trump’s (alleged) sexual assault claims as equal to Clinton’s email server, which neither are even remotely equal in comparison; therefore, a false equivalency.

My point was that there are aspects to the Trump election and Brexit (as a whole) that are a false equivalency. There are too, too many complexities that cannot be factored to compare each and say that these elections are equal at all.

However, I can agree with you that the feelings of people who express anger towards a system that has ignored them, economic pain, the need for radical change, a sweeping movement, etc., coexist in both supporters that had elected Trump and Brexit. I agree that those two cultures are not false equivalencies and that this appears to be an attitude that is shared quite loudly across much of Europe now.

I traveled to Great Britain in 2010, and there was a lot of talk about Brexit… I never imagined it would become so big as it had. I seriously wonder about the state of the EU in the next several years…

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