Job creation has been an important campaign topic.
Thoughts on What’s Next For Renewables Post This 2016 US Election
Sara Roccisano

What many voters of the president-elect, especially those squeezed out of jobs in swing states, do not realize is that we are in a time of digital and technological ‘(r)evolution’ where technologies are being advanced at exponential rates, replacing “jobs” for more efficient and cost-effective means.

We’re moving into cultural and socioeconomic change that force us to bring about great adjustments towards future developments. These cultural shifts and changes to ways of life are not much different than struggles we’ve felt in the past such as during the Industrial Revolution.

I don’t think campaign promises bring about a magic wand to give these supporters what they had in mind. Their views of the old ways of an “American Dream” is not going to be anything like they think (thought) it would be.

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